Learjet 40 во Францию и Париж

Класс самолета: Light jet

Летные характеристики

Крейсерская скорость: 846 km/h
Дальность полета: 3378 km

Компоновочные характеристики

Ширина салона: 1.56 m
Высота салона: 1.50 m
Длина салона: 5.39 m
Мест: 6

The Learjet is quite a competitive biz-jet in the private jet market. Its cruise speed, cabin space, and technological advancements are greater than other light private jets. It has excellent range flexibility and climbs quickly to elevations far above most air traffic and bad weather. The Learjet 40’s cabin is the biggest of its class. It has a length of 17.7 feet, a width of 5.1 feet, and a height of 4.9 feet. There are seats available for seven passengers, and baggage compartments that can store 65 cubic feet of baggage. Despite the high speeds of the Learjet 40, its fuel consumption remains relatively economical. In the world of light private jets, the Learjet 40 garners a lot of well-earned envy. It flies long distances quickly and even provides enough room for optimal passenger comfort.

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